Horse Walkers

Movement is one of the basic factors that determine the well-being of horses. It is very important to ensure free access to paddocks or pastures and equally horses need a lot of exercise to stay fit and healthy for a long time.


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Horse walkers and lunging arenas are ideal for this. They help in increasing and maintaining the health and performance of our horses.

Our offer includes:

  • Horse Walkers with complete roof,
  • Horse Walkers with partial roof ECO type,
  • Oval Horse Walkers,
  • Lunging arenas.

Available diameters:
16m, 18m, 21m, 25m.

Types of mechanisms:

Types of safety grills:

Safeguard © rods description:

Safeguard © tubes consist of synthetic rods that hang down side by side on the arms. Although hard, these rods remain flexible even at sub-zero temperatures and have a conductive aluminum layer through which light electricity can be passed to keep the horse on the treadmill.


  • Flexible yet firm.
  • Keeping your horse safely in its bay with a light electrical charge.
  • No risk of being hit by a solid separator kicked upwards or backwards.
  • No risk of horses’ hooves getting caught in a separator.
  • No risk of horses being injured by a damaged separator.
  • No risk of injury from pointed ends, as with metal rods.
  • No risk of being speared by a broken rod, as with metal or other synthetic rods.
  • No agitation caused by horses striking out against separations.
  • Reduced wear and tear on the drive and low running energy because of the light weight of the Safeguard© separators.
  • Safeguards the entire exerciser mechanism because the force of any blow is not transferred to the construction and the drive.