Treadmill for horses

Our treadmill provides a consistent workout for the individual horse. One of the main benefits of this treadmill is the ability to incline the floor up to an impressive 20% grade. This allows for hill work to increase fitness or strengthen problem areas like the stifle.


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Treadmill is great for cardiovascular and respiratory and helps with recovery. Saves on staff costs and no worries about weather.
The treadmill has a specially designed underlay with rubber shock absorbers to reduce impact on the horse’s limbs. A touch screen control panel which allows to set up a training program for each individual horse on a training scale from 1 – 20. Powered exclusively by 2 electric motors and does not require hydraulic cylinders. It is very economical.

Safe solutions:

  • Stable, strong and durable construction
  • Built-up mechanisms
  • Only electrically powered with no hydraulic actuators
  • Two ramps
  • Anti-panic System with sensor

Horse friendly:

  • Cushioned floor equipped with 16 rubber shock absorbers
  • Touch screen controller for programming
    Individual trainings for each horse from 1 to
    15 stages of training.
  • Adjustable incline of the treadmill from 0 to 11 degrees
  • Adjustable speed from slow walk to brisk walk.
    Front and rear movable protection bars.
    Side infills of strong plexiglass.

Dimensions with Ramps:
length = 6.8m, width = 1.55m, height = 1.9m,
Floor Length 4m
Weight: 1800kg

Supply voltage:
3 x 400 VAC – 50/60 Hz
Required installation power: 9 kW
Power consumption less than 3.5kwh at full load.