baner gilmet

Trolley for poles

  • trolley for transporting parkaur poles,
  • equipped with a pole stand,
  • pumped wheels with high payload up to 2 t,
  • galvanized,
  • hook for car or tractor,
  •  with or without roofing.

Universal wheelbarrow

  • durable, solid wheelbarrow with a capacity of 260 liters,
  • steel structure + plastic,
  • pumped wheels,
  • wheels additionally secured with a bolt with a cotter pin preventing spontaneous loosening

Jump stands from aluminium

  • very light with a strip for attaching padlocks,
  • designed from cold-bent aluminum profiles with variable cross-section,
    bottom feet and padlock strip are made of 3 mm thick sheet metal, while the main post is made of 2 mm thick sheet metal,
  • TIG welded and powder painted in several colors: white, yellow, gray, red, orange, pink, purple, light green, dark green, blue, brown, black.
  • ideal for training ground.
  • height: 1.58 m.

Standard jump stands from steel

  • galvanized or powder coated,
  • 1.58 m high,
  • made of metal profile, completely resistant to weather conditions,
  • lock holes for fixing a galvanized padlock,
  • durable and lightweight stands for horse riding.

Horse shower

  • made of galvanized steel,
  • compound,
  • equipped with a rubber hose with a spray gun.


  • made of steel,
    galvanized or powder coated,
  • light and easy to carry, allowing you to change the configuration during training,
  • 3 height settings,
    fixing prepared for a 10 cm diameter pole.

Vet inspection stand

  • efficient and safe conducting of veterinary tests,
  • made of strong hot-dip galvanized steel construction and filled with boards,
  • dimension 2000 x 1000 mm height 2500 mm,
  • also included side doors.

Double pole stand

  • double pole stand, durable and stabile,
  • steel, galvanized or powder coated,
  • dimensions: height 1.7 m, width: 1.8 m,
  • ideal for a square or a parkur,
  • it protects wooden poles from being damaged.

Mobile dryer

  • dryer designed for drying rugs, saddle pads, bandages, etc.
  • it can be easily placed in a place where dried things can dry quickly, and when it rains, it can be quickly hidden.